Resources for Dairy Innovators

The CDIC has connections to help student teams, entrepreneurs, producers and small dairy processors access resources, technical support and know-how needed to advance product, process and packaging concepts and bring projects to market-ready stage. Additional technical support is available from collaborating academic institutions as part of the Dairy Business Innovation Initiative. Access to services is open to qualified California-based producers and processors with limited in-kind support available throughout the year.

CDIC does not engage in proprietary research, development, and applications, nor provide regulatory guidance, but can connect interested companies to resources that provide such services.

Contact CDIC staff to discuss your idea and the scope of your project!

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CDIC Incubator Program

The California Milk Advisory Board runs the “Real California Milk Excelerator” which brings a new, expansive focus to accelerate any dairy-based product – from traditional consumer food and beverage items to textiles, haircare, and beyond. The competition awards cash prizes for new innovative dairy products that introduce novel benefits in any form and drive consumption of Real California dairy.

Student teams, entrepreneurs and companies who enter the program, yet need additional technical, processing or marketing support may qualify to enter the Incubator Program. The program awards up funds for in-kind services, available for a two-year period.

Some of the services offered include:

  • Preliminary regulatory review and technology assessment
  • Alignment with customers’ requirements
  • Market environment assessment, data, and trends reports
  • Sample formulations
  • Technical assistance to meet compositional or nutritional targets and shelf-life requirements
  • Linkages to dairy ingredients suppliers, equipment suppliers
  • Pilot plant trials
  • Sensory analysis
  • Manufacturing process evaluation
  • Linkages to package and label design suppliers

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